Helena Björnberg (1955) is an artist and designer,  educated at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has more than 30 years of experience in art and design work. After 10 years as a professional set designer in theatre, Helena continued her education at the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm to work with design and lighting in public spaces. 

Between 1997 and 2010, Helena developed the company ”Ljus Gestaltning AB”. It was the leading company in Sweden within outdoor light design and lighting programs for a number of significant buildings, sites, park neighbourhoods and innercity environments in Sweden.

From 2011 she continued to focus on her artistic work, particularly on sculptures and paintings in oil. She has had separate exhibitions and participated in exhibitions nationally and internationally.

”For me, creating is a way of deep and long processing. My works are inspired by experiences. Fragments of memories, images, physical encounters and feelings emerge from the subconscious and take shape. I cast my sculptures in bronze. What fascinates me is the three-dimensional form, the rigidity and surface of the metal. The bronze gives the opportunity for meetings between the extremely thin and fine threads to the more massive and heavy forms. Structures from different materials, patterns and fingerprints remain on the surface. The bronze is resistant. It survives generations of sun, cold, wind and water. Today, my sculptures are relatively small, adapted to private environments, but on request they can be made on a larger scale.” Helena 

Upcoming Exhibitions 2024 Sculpture in bronze, giclée print, paintings oil on canvas and photos

Galleri nord Örebro 2024                Sculpture in bronze, giclée print

Galleriet på Marstand 2023, 2024       Sculpture in bronze, giclée print

Exhibitions 2023-1985

Nacka konsthall, Nacka 2023 Sculpture in bronze

”In Search of Harmony”, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello Venice 2022           Sculpture in bronze

Galleri Jäger o Jansson Lund 2022                

River City Gallery, Gothenburg 2021               

Gallery Fågel, Beddinge Strand  2021               

Värmdö konstnärer, Gustavsberg   2021, 2022, 2023

Third edition of ”Venice Triennale”, Palazzo Albrizzi Venice 2021     

Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping 2021                                                           

”Maternity” Palazzo Albrizzi Venice 2020               

SWEA ART at BAM Art Gallery Albufeira 2019                                      

BAM Art Gallery Albufeira 2018                                                              

Marina de Lagos Gallery, Lagos 2013, 2017        

POP UP SCANDINAVIA – ALGARVE 2016               

”Venice Triennale”, Palazzo Albrizzi Venice 2015               

”Meeting of Women”, Palazzo Albrizzi Venice 2015                                              

Art Algarve,  Lagoa, Portugal 2015                  

Arte Pelo Mundo, Centre Cultural Palacio Egipto do Oeiras 2014     

Gallery REM,  Rem Espaço Arte Porto 2013                                          

Antigos Paços do Concelho, Centre Cultural de Lagos 2013               

Gallery Långedrag, Gothenburg 2011                                                     
Konstfack, Stockholm 1997  A lighting project in Stockholm

Set and costume design. Art in the road environment,   A lighting project in Stockholm

Karlskrona 1995                  

Centre Culturel Suédois, Paris 1988             

Norrköping Stadsteater, Norrköping 1986                                             

Congres International de Teatre a Catalunya, Barcelona 1985  



Lighting design. Some interesting projects 1997-2011

Development of lighting programs for cities and Municipality. Lighting design for interior and exterior lighting for streets, buildings, parks and sculptures. Design of specific lighting applications .

Haga City of Stockholm 2008-2011
Client: City of Stockholm’s Streets and Property Office

Marabouparken, Museum of art 2009-2010 Client: Veidekke, Sverige

Strandparterren Stockholm city 2010-2011
Client: City of Stockholm’s Streets and Property Office

Sollentuna Centre 2008-2011
Client: City of Stockholm’s Streets and Property Office

Sandgrund Park, Karlstad 2006-2010
Client: City of Karlstad Streets and Property Office

Taby Cemetery 2005-2009
Lighting design and lighting applications Client:Tema Architects

Linköping City 2004-2007 Client: City of Linköping

Sundbybergs Municipality 2001-2003
Client: Nyréns Architect AB

New residential waterfront Gåshaga Bridge, Lidingö 1999-2001
Client: NCC,  NCC Housing North

Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm 1998-2011
Client: City of Stockholm’s Streets and Property Office

Skeppsholmen island of historic buildings in central Stockholm 1998-2006
Client: The National Property Board

City Hall Garden, Stockholm 1997-2000
Client: City of Stockholm Street and Property Office

Stage design and costumes sets 1984-1995

Permanently represented at THE SWEDISH MUSEUM OF PERFORMING ARTS, stage and costume design for ballet, opera and theatre 

Opera: ”Gustaf Wasa” Royal Opera, Stockholm
”The Marriage of Figaro” Music Theatre of Värmland, Karlstad
”Aida” Stockholm ensemble, Johanneshov

”Hermaphrodite” Royal Opera, Stockholm
”See réveler I-II” Ballet Academy in Stockholm

Dramatic theater:
”Jungle Book” Borås City Theatre, Borås ”Elvis – Are you lonesome tonight” Östgötateatern, Norrköping
”Four suitors fiasco” Gripsholm Castle,
”This is no fairy tale” Nyköpings theater
”Bellman” theater for little people and MÃ Quintet, Nyköping
”Mr. Cheval and his stones” Gun Theater, Stockholm
”The Lord of Kings No” Stockholm school theater, Stockholm
’Workers Games’ Botkyrka


KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Konstfack, University College of Art, Craft and Design Stockholm 1997    ”Light in the city”  30 hp

Royal Academy of Art Stockholm 1995, Tessin school, Road and Bridge Building  60 hp

Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts 1986, Set and Costume design 180 hp

University of Stockholm 1982, Theatre History and Theory – Bachelor’s Course, 30 hp Performance Studies, 30 hp

University of Gothenburg 1981, Drama 60 hp